• More than just a law firm...

    More than just a law firm...

  • Family Lawyers for Gibraltar

    Family Lawyers for Gibraltar

  • Expert Legal Representation

    Expert Legal Representation

Legal & Lifestyle Solutions for Gibraltar

Amber Law is a unique law firm established in March 2013. Our experienced lawyers have the ability to empathise with our clients' legal and personal needs, providing innovative solutions to a wide spectrum of life challenges. We offer a confidential, cost effective service, sensitive to your needs.

Our Lawyers

Amber Turner, BSc (Hons) LLM

Amber Turner BSc (Hons) LLM, Founder


Family Lawyer, Gibraltar

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Francesca 2018

Francisca Luna Ivars



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Andres 2018

Andres Ellacuria Orcolaga



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  • Vision

    To create a safe space where clients of all ages and backgrounds can receive professional legal and family advice, in the strictest confidence.

    We aim to empower our clients to gain positive results, which will lead to an improved quality of life both throughout and after the legal process.

  • Purpose

    • To offer a one-stop shop for professional, legal and related advice and information.
    • To offer legal advice and representation in cross border cases.
    • To protect the best interests and welfare of the individual and his/her family throughout the legal process.
    • To promote mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, focusing on developing and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Mission

    • To improve the quality of the individual’s life and their family life, during the legal process.
    • To provide a forum for sharing the true life stories of people who have been through a legal process in order to educate and guide others.
    • To share ‘top tips’ on creating and maintaining happy and healthy relationships in the home, the workplace and elsewhere, before, during and after the legal process.
    • To provide creative guidance through our ‘library’ of educational and inspirational films, books, poems, artwork, video-clips, photographs, music and other media.
    • To work with charities and organisations locally and abroad to inspire new projects, stimulate connections and encourage positive change.
    • To provide insight into the consequent social, educational, cultural and legal issues flowing from family breakdown, personal injury, issues in the workplace and other life issues.
    • To ensure the interests of our clients remain paramount and the solutions we offer are cost effective, efficient and productive.
    • To improve the quality of the individual’s life and their family life, during and even after the legal process.
  • Beliefs

    • Relationships break down. Some can be rescued; others cannot and should not.
    • Fear paralyses. Fear, guilt and worry-based decisions during the legal process yield negative results and the ripple effects are felt by many (family, friends, work colleagues, employers).
    • Decisions from a calm, centred mind free from fear, guilt and worry during the legal process yield positive results. The tools to achieve this are available to all. The ripple effects are positive for all.
    • People have the right to access professional help and support to resolve conflict.
    • People have a birth right to be safe and happy.
    • Everyone deserves to be loved and respected.
    • Everyone has the power to change their lives for the better. We support individuals and families in transitioning.
  • Values

    At Amber Law we aim to apply positive values in all areas of our work, including but not limited to:

    • Respect
    • Cooperation
    • Conciliation
    • Flexibility
    • Communication
    • Tolerance
    • Justice